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Pets are allowed into the UAE. However, bear in mind that you will likely live in an apartment, so a large dog may not be comfortable. In addition, summer temperatures are often too high for pets to spend much time outdoors.

If you are on a Term Contract, you might not be able to bring pets with you as you will be housed in furnished accommodation which may not allow pets.

Pets must be shipped to the UAE as cargo and this can be quite expensive. You will have to contact one of the airlines to arrange shipment or you may wish to use a company specializing in shipping pets. See the Web site of The Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International, Inc. for a list of pet shippers worldwide, The airline or shipping company will advise you of the flight details. The person in whose name the pets are shipped will have to go to the cargo section of the airport to collect the pets. An import permit is required; the import permit can be processed by Human Resources after we receive copies of the Good Health Certificate and the Vaccination Certificate. In order to collect your pet, you will need the original import permit, the original Good Health Certificates, the original Vaccination Certificate, and a photocopy of your passport.

The following documents are required if you are bringing your pets to the UAE:

Good Health Certificate
Vaccination Certificate
All pets must be microchipped and the microcrip number must appear on all their documentation.

Good Health Certificate

Issued by your veterinarian on letterhead paper mentioning the name, age, breed, color and sex of the pet. The certificate must state that the pet is rabies-free and in a healthy condition to travel. The certificate must be signed and stamped by the veterinarian and be endorsed by the veterinarian of the national government of the exporting country.

Vaccination Certificate

Includes the dates of all vaccinations and must show a valid rabies vaccination. The certificate must be signed and stamped by the veterinarian.

The only vaccination which is required in order to obtain an import permit is rabies. However, the kennels may require additional vaccinations before they will accept your pets for boarding.

A copy of the above certificates should be faxed to the Human Resources Department approximately three weeks prior to your pet’s arrival in the UAE. Note that the certificates are only valid for one month from the date of issue.

Human Resources will pass a copy of the certificates to the Ministry of Agriculture. They will inspect the certificates and issue an import permit (valid for sixty days). Alternatively, the kennel can process the import permit. A separate import permit is issued for each pet and costs Dhs 200 per pet. The Dhs 200 will be deducted your salary if Zayed University processes the permit. You must bring all the original documents for your pet with you. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the general conditions of importation as outlined below:

The country of exportation must be free from rabies for the previous three years prior to exportation.
All dogs one hundred and twenty days of age or older at the time of entry into the UAE must be vaccinated against rabies with an approved inactivated rabies vaccine, administered no less than one month and not more than one year prior to arrival in the UAE.
The animals must be examined within forty eight hours prior to their arrival in the UAE and be certified as being free of any evidence of infectious or contagious diseases and external parasites. Carry this certificate with you too.
Prior to making the decision to bring your pet with you, be sure to investigate the laws governing the return of your pets to your home country.

There are no quarantine laws in the UAE. If you will be housed in a hotel after your arrival in the UAE, you will have to arrange for your pets to be boarded at one of the kennels. Kennel arrangements must be made prior to your arrival in the UAE. You must arrange for kennel representatives to meet the flight on which your pets are arriving so that they can take immediate custody of your pets. You will be able to visit your pets at the kennel. You are responsible for arranging and paying for the shipment and kenneling of your pets.


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